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Emerging Technologies

Keeping a track of futuristic technologies is imprinted in our DNA. We also believe in delivering scalable and robust solutions for Educational institutions and industries such as Logistics and finch too. Our services in this realm include

  • Cloud Computing
  • Big data services
  • Data warehousing
  • AI,AR & VR
  • Blockchain and Chatbot development
1. Cloud Computing

In this ever-evolving digital world keeping files on a proprietary hard drive or a local storage device has become obsolete. Cloud-based storage makes it easier for you to store your data in a remote database. As long as your Desktop, Laptop, Pad, Mobile device has access to the internet you'll have access to the data and the software programs to run it. It's an economically viable data storage solution for individuals and companies alike increasing your productivity, efficiency, speed, performance, and security.

2. Big data services

Our big data services are essentially statistical analysis tools and information that will help your organization use statistical insights gained from large information sets in order to gain a competitive advantage and also facilitating better decision-making in the process.

3. Data Warehousing

We can also help you construct data warehouses that will help you tune production strategies by managing product portfolios, repositioning products, and also comparing the sales quarterly or yearly. Data warehousing can also help you with customer and operations analysis helping you gain insights into customer buying preferences, buying time, budget cycles in turn resulting in the betterment of customer relationship management and thorough analysis of business operations too

4. AI,AR & VR

AI, and Machine learning help you process large amounts of data quickly. In your business connected devices can feed a constant stream of data about functionality and production to a central location. This kind of data is impossible for a human to sift through and even if someone could sit and sift through this amount of data they would miss out on most of the resultant patterns that would reflect from the analysis.

Deep learning is an even more specific version of AI & Machine learning that helps with fraud detection and is also a valuable CRM tool.AR & VR are also futuristic technologies we employ to give our customers exhilarating digital experiences.

5. Chatbot development

We help you build intelligent virtual assistants for your websites, FB pages, and messaging apps. It is essentially a customized AI tool that can simulate a conversation or a chat with a user through a normal way of communication, messaging applications, websites, mobile apps, or simply through the telephone helping you manage your business/organization better by being available for the user 24X7.